All-Drive SErvices

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We are a full-service Mechanical Workshop that can handle auto repairs and maintenance for your vehicles.

While we specialise in Subaru, we are able to carry out repairs to all makes and models of cars and light vehicles.

We provide services such as minor and major car servicing, brake checks, suspension and steering, ECU scans and electrical diagnosis, cooling systems, engine repair and rebuild and more.

Our professional and experienced mechanics are able to repair even the most complicated problems with your vehicle. We offer great  service and price for all your vehicle repair and maintenance needs. 

We also offer loan cars for your convenience. 

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* ATTENTION ALLOY TECH OWNERS (VZ Commodore onwards 3.6L, Colorado & Rodeo) *

Does your car run poorly occasionally and, or faulty codes coming up? This can be due to something as little as an oxygen sensor failure or as major as an approaching cam chain failure. It is wise to get this checked out, before potential disaster occurs.

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If your car is due for a service or needs any kind of mechanical repair, then call us on
8349 6960

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our services include

  • Minor and Major Service
  • Engine and Transmission Service
  • Brake Service
  • Clutch Service
  • Cooling System Service
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Gear Boxes and Diffs
  • ECU Scans and Electrical Diagnosis
  • Engine Repair and Rebuild

free loan cars available

We have free loan cars for your convenience, to keep you on the road.

free loan cars available

Please note bookings are required.